Churches, Charities and Clubs – fighting for fair charging by water companies


Welcome to the site. Here you will find news and resources to help  campaign against charges introduced by water companies which bill churches, charities and clubs, as if they were multi-million pound businesses.

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Satellite images reveal the unjust charging scheme

Using the latest images from space, we reveal that  Knutsford parish church would be billed more than the town’s Rolls Royce showroom, community halls holding regular jumble sales would be billed more than a Vivienne Westwood boutique and Manchester Cathedral would be billed more than local department stores. See for yourself. 

What the campaign is working for

1. A review by the Government of the charging mechanism with serious consideration given to regulations that would introduce a charity band or the return to rateable value charging for churches, clubs and charities.

2. An investigation into why Ofwat ignored government guidelines and encouraged water companies to charge churches, clubs and charities as commercial enterprises.

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Law used to scrap tax

Sign the Downing Street petition here

Umbrellas sent

Umbrellas sent to those responsible for the rain tax more here...

Rain Tax Films released

We have released video footage of protesters outside the Rolls Royce showroom in Knutsford-in the heart of the Shadow Chancellor’s constituency.

The normally reserved Cheshire set reveal their feelings...

See the films here

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Vote to end tax

The Church of England has voted to ask the Government to scrap the ’rain tax’ more

Ofwat admit...

Ofwat chair claims his own church would struggle to pay increases more here...

Bishops singing

During Synod bishops, archbishops and lay folk burst into song more here...


Archbishop of York and former poll tax minister call for a national solution ..more here

Ofwat logo (credit: Ofwat website)

On 28th September 2009, the Government announced that it intends to use law to scrap the Rain Tax More here.

United Utilities

United Utilities says no to backing clubs, churches, charities in fight more here